Friday, February 20, 2009

escaped from the zoo

hello everyone. 
sorry I haven't made a post in the last few days. I spent all day today at the zoo, and can I tell you how inspiring it is. the crowned cranes looked like they were wearing perfect little couture hats! I'll be uploading some wardrobe pictures soon, as well as little things I've recently put in my room.

Monday, February 16, 2009

les chapeaux

so I finally got around to taking photos of some of my hats. I got the four that are pictured at a monthly vintage flea market all at different times, and surprisingly they weren't  hard to find. the green hat was probably around $3, which was super lucky. actually, of of my hats were amazing prices. the vintage Christian Dior turban was only $5! I took a shot of the label, and as you can see it was sold in a Joseph Magnin store. the blue felt and velvet hat I don't remember the price, but it was very cheap too. and the last is just a cool looking but not in great shape safari-looking hat I liked. I also have some more vintage head pieces I'll try to picture.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

tip your hat

so recently I have been starting a vintage hat collection, and although small right now (just 6), they all look pretty darn dandy on their heads on my shelf. one hat, in awful quality, is shown on one of my dresses in my last post. I'll be uploading pictures of them soon for you to see!


so ever since I got my mannequin I've been trying my hand at designing random doo-dads on her. I found some pictures but these are kind of old, (as you can tell from the handy work) so I'll try to upload some new ones. and the black corset one I thought was just very cool, although unwearable. sorry the quality is bad i'll fix that.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

i am not paranoid.

ok numero uno, I am creating post after post, and to be honest I don't like any of them. so I will update you with old news. If you haven't seen Paranoid Park by gus van sant..DO IT. of course it came out in 2007, so for those of yous who are quick with news, you may be wondering why anyone should care about an old movie. but its so artfully and deliciously good. and free on comcast on demand! do it. you'll thank me, or not, depending on your view of things...

tony the tiger

I was recently looking at the work of Tony Oursler, a video artist from New York, and I loved what I saw. here are some of his most recent pieces.

a bit o' fun

so I was looking through photos trying to find a certain one, and I came across some interesting ones. the first two are taken by my cousin isabel from a very long time ago (i'll be showing more of her work, and convincing her to blog) and the big eye was taken during a procrastination session which is also very old. I look 12.  and last- am I the only one that sees the eye in the cloud? i've cropped it so small it's just the eye... it looks as though it could belong to a very handsome man indeed..... valentine's thoughts are swirling in my head...